Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Succubi’s slightly weaker male mirrors, incubi are persuasive, gifted in enchantment magicks, and not-in-a-good-way kinky to boot.

The goat-like schirs are not known for their wisdom.  Fleeing a party of adventurers, one of the schirs leads the party back to its incubus master’s back-alley lair.  The adventurers find its home is full of the usual sadomasochistic paraphernalia and cultists one would expect.  But the townhouse above features items out of character for a demon, including a collection of magical stamps and carefully painted miniature landscapes that offer clues to a hitherto unknown demiplane.

The marilith Vel’k’tiri’s favorite thief had the misfortune to fail her the same week she caught her incubus lover in bed with a vrock.  Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, she gutted the incubus and sewed its skin to the rogue’s flesh.  At night the rogue now has access to all the incubus’s skills, feats, and abilities, but during the day he labors under the constant effects of the demon’s crushing despair.

The shadow-shrouded nation of Antumbra has delivered a fresh insult to its agathion-revering neighbor Elevess: an incubus ambassador.  Weak from recent hobgoblin and adaro incursions, Elevess dares not spark a war by refusing the ambassador, but the queen’s counselors must now contain the chaos the incubus’s at-will powers of charm person and suggestion will cause in court.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 73

Hey, slaad fans!  Reader Landon came through with the Dungeon reference.  Check the imentesh entry for his thoughts.

Also, weeks ago ttrpgh messaged me about a tumblelog he’s starting “to help players and GMs to design characters, story, and other things involved in a table top rpg.”  If that’s your bag, you can find him here.

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