Friday, August 24, 2012

Immolation Devil

There are the generals that plan, strategize, and give orders from HQ…and then there are the generals that charge in with the tanks.  If pit fiends fall into the former camp, immolation devils fall into the latter.  Let other devils play politics—puragaus exist to dominate and burn…not necessarily in that order.

A series of fires breaks out across the city.  At the third such incident, a howling mob of lemures is found at the scene, manifesting through some kind of planar breach.  Canny detectives will realize that, if left unchecked, the fires will mark the five points and five angles of a pentacle.  Further investigation reveals agents of a handmaiden devil are responsible.  Should they succeed, rivers of flame will connect the dots and the gylou will be able to bring her immolation devil lover into the mortal realm.

Fire-loving Anatark the Ashen was responsible for the holocaust at Dumaas and the leveling of Bon Mar.  But his latest assignment, securing the glaciar-world of Rime against recapture by monadic deva, marid, and silver dragon insurgents, has him miserable.  Though resistant to the cold, he loathes it in every infernal cell.  His pride won’t allow him to surrender his post, but any mortal with a plausible plan to get him reassigned has his ear—provided they don’t utter a word in front of his gelugon attaché.

Immolation devils sport dragon-like wings and they also favor draconic steeds, especially fiendish red dragons (preferably of lawful or neutral evil alignments, or magically chained and compelled specimens if chaotic), fiendish underworld dragons, advanced fiendish manticores, or advanced fiendish chimeras (again with alignment safeguards in place).  They scorn and resent tor linnorms due to some ancient prejudice; the tor linnorms scorn them right back.  Malfax the Tamer has perhaps the greatest prize of all: a tarnished gold dragon.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 87

Hey!  I don’t normally reblog posts (especially non-music-related ones), but it’s not every day I see my friend Josh showcased on Tumblr!  Then again, this is hardly the first time he’s been on the Internet.  (For the record, he is a chaotic good barbarian in life, but a lawful neutral inquisitor at work.)

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