Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dark Slayer

Dark slayers are the black sheep of an already dark family.  When dark folk plots escalate from theft and corruption to murder, a dark slayer is almost certainly involved.  Parties making serious forays into dark folk territory will likely battle dark slayer sorcerers, whose soul harvest touch makes them as deadly up close as they are from afar.  Dark slayers’ obsession with magical items and resentment of their dark stalker leaders could drive encounters as well.

Among the criminal classes, Professor Rags is known as the most reliable fence in town—a crazed coot who won’t turn down any item, no matter how hot.  The so-called “professor” is a dark slayer obsessed with the magic items his client brings him.  His underground warehouse is filled with the sad remains of wondrous items ruined by his tinkering.

A dark folk city is rocked by internecine warfare when the dark slayers rise up against the dark stalkers.  Sellswords attempting to negotiate a trade agreement for some surface merchants soon get embroiled in the struggle.

A tribune of dark slayers has taken over their tribe, but the trio cannot agree on their overall goals.  One wants more profits from dark stalker trade with the drow, one is secretly in thrall to an aboleth savant, and the third is a daemon-worshipper whose revivals have his dark creeper followers frothing at the mouth beneath their layers of rags.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 75

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