Friday, November 4, 2011

Crocodile & Dire Crocodile

In our world, crocodiles can snap up a man so fast, they gave rise to the myths of bunyips.  And dire crocodiles may have snacked on dinosaurs.  In a fantasy world…let’s just say your PCs should never go swimming.  Ever.

Orc hang gliders circle around trapped adventurers like acid-grenade-throwing vultures, hooting madly.  The adventurers are saved when a dire crocodile bursts forth from the water and snaps down one of the orcs, sending the rest fleeing.  In the process, though, the sarcosuchus manages to take out the rickety pontoon bridge that was the party’s egress of the island.

The mummies of Djed-Ib have never been disturbed in their crypts.  This is likely because the mummies were once priests of the Crocodile Lord, whose reptilian charges still guard the floating temple city today.

Gnome dinosaur herders take their iridescent-scaled parasaurolophus flocks to market once a season.  All that lies between the Rillford Clan and riches is one dire crocodile-choked river.

Pathfinder Bestiary 51

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