Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The most humanoid of the nightshades, nightwalkers lord with terrifying majesty over most other undead from their umbral domains.  And since they can plane shift, they might not be content to remain in those domains for long…

Exiled from Bez’lel for flouting the Laws of Making, the golemcrafter Shimon sought to defy his old masters by creating a golem of pure shadowstuff.  But when he attempted to call an animating umbral force into the golem’s humanoid-shaped mold, the sympathetic laws of conservation simply called a nightwalker of roughly the same dimensions to fill it.  Shimon was the nightshade’s first victim, and now only the hated light of the sun has kept it from straying away from his laboratory.

A traveling troupe of shadowdancers runs afoul of the law in the city of Marceline, where there are permanent wards blocking plane shift and dimension door effects and shadow-based magic is absolutely forbidden.  Those who defy the edict—perhaps some upstart adventurers who take the gypsies’ side—may find out why.  The reflecting pool at the heart of Marceline has a mirror on the Plane of Shadow…only that pool is a window into the Material Plane.   There the nightwalker Ux-Or broods, forever studying the sunlit city with loathing as he seeks for a way to safely cross its protective wards.

To end the rampage of a flight of magma dragons, the mystic theurge Gwideon Lonvair must be returned to life.  Unfortunately, the magepriest vanished while on a trip to the Negative Energy Plane, making even true resurrection a difficult prospect.  His skull now hangs from the horn of the nightwalker that took his life.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 201

We first went to Bez’lel way back here.

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