Monday, September 5, 2016

Fire & Water Wysps

Wysps should be nothing more than Tiny elementals.  Instead they are sympathetic supporters of other elemental creatures (and kineticists), living batteries that can sacrifice themselves for those with whom they resonate, and instinctive musicians whose symphonies may have had their origins in the multiverse’s creation.  Perhaps the fabled Music of the Spheres isn’t really about the movement of celestial bodies at all, but refers instead to the songs of these helpful orbs…

Lynden Aethersmith—he picked the name himself—had grand plans to unlock the secrets of the multiverse, beginning with the binding of an aether wysp.  Not having the proper level of skill, he failed utterly.  However, his wild gyrations and pseudo-ceremonies did attract the attention of a curious but shy fire wysp.  The wysp now follows the disconsolate Lynden around from a discreet distance…inadvertently starting several fires, which is why he now finds himself branded the town arsonist.

A water elementalist mage is studying the properties of a font of elemental power, and has befriended a cloud of water wysps along the way.  The local ooze mephit grand poobah regards these wysps as his vassals and is determined to seek retribution.

A ring of dancing sprites is led not by another fey, but by a water wysp conductor.  The sprites are all bards and kineticists gifted in water and ice magic, and the wysps will aid them in any way they can, up to and including sacrificing themselves to guard their conductor and the sacred glade.

Pathfinder Bestiary 5 282–283

Sorry about the posting delay.  Aside from my usual Labor Day travels, thanks to frakmito I was lucky enough to spend last Thursday in The Room Where It Happens.

Edit: Due to the differences in Tumblr and Blogger’s formats, you loyal Blogger readers never got the link to last week’s radio show.  Here it is, but be warned you’ve got less than 30 minutes to grab it.  Huge apologies!

Last night’s [Tuesday’s] radio show had to do a lot of work—say goodbye to summer, welcome UMD students back to campus for a new semester, serve up new artists, and celebrate two big anniversaries: 30 years of Paul Simon’s Graceland and 20 years of Pearl Jam’s No Code. All in all, it was a busy two hours. Stream or download it here.

(For best results, Save As an mp3 to your desktop.  Link good till Monday, September 5, at midnight.)

IMPORTANT PS: If you’ve ever bookmarked my show link, bookmark it again.  They’ve corrected the typo in the link so that it says “Canon,” not “Cannon.”

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  1. I think the correction obliges you to do at least one show sincerely as the "New Indie Cannon", entirely out of songs about gunfire, gun battles, gunmen and -women, etc.