Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Baku Dreamweaver

Baku dreamweavers are the specialists of the baku race—more powerful than their generic baku kin, but consuming only the dreams of the imaginative, the creative, and the psychic.  They are still deadly foes of night hags and other oneiric predators, making them essentially benevolent protectors of mortal dreamers.

You might even say dreamweavers can get you through thenight…?

(I…I don’t know what just came over me.  I am so, so sorry.)


Where baku dreamweavers truly shine is their ability to facilitate travel through and even shape the Dimension of Dreams, courtesy of abilities like dream voyage, dream whispers, dream shepherd, and so on.  Nothing says you’re about to embark on an extraordinary voyage like embarking on a dreamship with a levitating tapir as your captain…

Adventurers continually wake up fatigued and mentally foggy.  Soon they realize their memories have grown faulty as well.  A dreamthief hag has the soul of baku dreamweaver’s mate held hostage in her dreamstone.  The hag has directed the dreamweaver to torment the adventurers so that she remains free to pursue other plans unopposed.

To gain safe passage through a fey lord’s domain, adventurers agree to bring him “the ram from the Hill of Dream Poppies.”  The “ram” is actually a baku dreamweaver, and the adventurers will have to sleep on the hillside to even spot the creature, let alone capture it.  Of course, sleeping in Faerie carries its own risks…  Even if the adventurers capture the baku, they wake in thorn manacles, bound hand and foot by the fey lord who has no scruples about breaking his bargain.

The dead don’t dream—especially not in Hell.  But mortal prisoners do.  Not long after their friend is stolen away by devils, adventurers have an encounter with a baku dreamweaver.  The magical beast saw the adventurers in their friend’s dreams and wished to see them (and possibly taste their dreams) for himself.  The baku’s ability to travel so fluidly through the Dimension of Dreams sparks plans for one of the most daring jailbreaks on two planes.

Occult Bestiary 10

<nerd voice> Um, excuse me, Paizo, but Gary Wright clearly indicates that dreamweavers fly through the Astral Plane, not the Dimension of Dreams, despite their name.  Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.” </nerd voice>

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