Monday, February 9, 2015

Giant Emperor & Greensting Scorpions

These two scorpions are almost polar opposites in terms of size.  The Tiny greensting scorpion is a favorite familiar for witches and sorcerers.  The Gargantuan giant emperor scorpion is an ambush predator big enough to take down all but the mightiest desert predators.

Greensting scorpions live in forests, so it’s no surprise many bitter half-elves favor them as familiars.  The quickness they impart allows their masters to get the drop on smug full-blooded bullies.

Sylph monks make mandalas in the sands of the Canyon of Regrets.  Sitting in the center of one of these mandalas is said to impart magical wisdom and secret lore.  This is an easy task for the light-footed sylphs (who have the whispering wind ability from the Advanced Race Guide).  Unfortunately for more heavy-footed adventurers, a giant emperor scorpion uses this area for a hunting ground, bursting through the sands to seize clumsy prey.

An albino dryad encourages greensting scorpions to nest on her tree.  Their green bodies stand out brightly against the pale bark.  The dryad is quite willing to use charm person and suggestion to trick troublemakers into handling the territorial vermin.

Ultimate Magic 117–120 & Pathfinder Bestiary 4 232

Fun fact: Last Friday’s post was The Daily Bestiary’s 900th entry.  Think you guys want to stick around until 1,000?

Funner fact: Erik Mona revealed more about the ghoran and other matters.

Did anyone else back the Kickstarter from Richard Shindell and Lucy Laplansky for The Pine Hill Project?  I got my digital tracks today!

Speaking of music: Saturday’s radio show!  Two glorious hours of new Death Cab, new Mountain Goats, new Two Gallants, and more.  Enjoy!

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  1. You seem to have a thing for scorpions in conjunction with mandalas, if the Giant Emperor and Ghost Scorpion entries are anything to go by. I suppose a meditative nature makes for a good ambush predator.

  2. Holy crap. I just plagiarized myself! Good catch, Anon.

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