Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fungus Queen

When fungi sprout from humanoids or monsters, you get fungal creatures.  But when a fungus sprouts from the unholy corpse of a succubus…well, then you get something special: the fungus queen.

Created by James Jacobs, fungus queens have deep ties to the demons of the Golarion setting, having arisen out of a conflict between servants of Nocticula and Cyth-V’sug.  But they could fit in your campaign wherever evil powers of life and decay war with lust and desire.  (Zuggtmoy anyone?) 

Fungus queens’ ability to spawn even more fungoid creatures than they can control makes them a constant threat.  But in the right set of circumstances, a fungus queen may just be an adventuring party’s last hope, since she might be all that stands between them and annihilation at the claws of a succubus.

Dryads are dying all over the forest.  But the cause is unclear: no blight stains the leaves and no orcs rampage through the trees.  The cause is actually deep underground, where a jealous fungal queen salts the taproots of the dryads’ mighty oaks.  While she could easily control the dryads with her magic, the thought of their beauty drawing away potential mates and minions fills her with rage.

A renegade psychopomp is tampering with the minds and souls of mortals.  After the viduus locks away a portion of an adventurer’s memory, her friends take her to a powerful enchantress, hoping the mage can free her from deathly scribe’s tampering.  To their shock, they find the enchantress’s tower under attack.  A coven of fungal queens believes the enchantress to be a succubus and will stop at nothing to reduce her tower to rubble.

Already mysterious, a cliffside city of ghorans becomes even more alien when it falls under the sway of a fungus queen.  The fungus queen’s servitors have already claimed one whole terrace, and her fungoid servitors are busy excavating tunnels to hold more of her children.  The settlement’s druids and earthmothers suspect something strange is afoot, but the fungus queen’s power over plant minds has subverted every agent they send to investigate.

Inner Sea Bestiary 12–13

Glad you guys seem to like yesterday’s entry.  Confidential to badmadwolf: I always try to make the third idea the most awesome.  I’ll make you a deal: If I can ever kick this virus, you can take that idea and run with it.

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