Monday, June 9, 2014


You’ve seen Cats, right?  (Of course you have.)  Picture Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.  As conjoined twins.  Fiendish conjoined twins.  From Hell.  Born from the mutilated remains of a slain divine thief. 

Oh, and they're not singing.  Because they're stabbing.  You.  With their kukris. 

That—or rather, they, both of them, but with one mind, I forgot that part, so let’s go back to the original that, that singular, that that—is an adhukait.

Stabby, stabby.

Rejects of the gods recognize each other.  A medusa raised to believe the she is the direct descendant of a deposed moon goddess finds an able ally in her adhukait servant.  The pair is responsible for a number of temple desecrations and the disappearance of several priests.  The adhukait’s calling card in these operations is that he smashes every mirror and blackens any other reflective surfaces in soot or paint, to the delight of his serpent-haired mistress.

Hell is not the province of devils alone.  Mortal adventurers discover this while trying to sneak into Hell to slay a fiend.  The estate they are charged with infiltrating is claimed by a devil, but in truth he has been leasing the fortress for the past century from an upasunda.  The devil has no intention of returning “what is mine by divine right” to “that upstart godspurned wench,” and can point to the usual contractual loopholes to back himself up.  So the asura sends a squad of adhukaits to send a message and kidnap some “insurance” from the devil’s retinue...including the adventurers, if they’re not careful.

Asuras hate the gods, but a rogue band of adhukaits believes that if they devour the flesh and fluids of their divine forbear, they will become as like to gods themselves.  (They reason that it takes one to kill one.)  Who knows if the strange colloid they have found really is divine, but it does seem to augment their elusive auras and summoning abilities…

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 22

No radio show this week, as I mentioned. Instead, I went down to Charlottesville and hung out with an old DJ coworker of mine and her coworker—who just so happened to be the first female General Manager of my undergrad college radio station!  She graduated ten years before I ever set foot on campus, so I’m still smiling ear-to-ear from getting the opportunity to meet her.

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