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Sometimes evil humanoids seem underpowered.  If their world is so dangerous, you think, how come a single strike from the PCs’ familiar can knock one out?

Adlets do not have that problem.  In fact, at CL 10 they’re on the other end of the spectrum, being so powerful you wonder why they haven’t overrun the entire arctic. (They’re also so magical—capable of casting ice storm and wind walk once a day—I’m surprised they are listed only as ordinary humanoids.  Plus, nearly every pack will have a shaman capable of commanding ice elementals.)  Then again, life near the Poles is hard; white dragons, remorhazes, and not having a taboo against cannibalism (a nice detail straight out of the original Inuit myths) can’t be good for their census numbers.

So obviously adlets make good monsters for when your PCs are tough enough to handle long-term polar adventures.  Or they might live on distant continents, planes, or planets (in Pathfinder’s default solar system they are common on Triaxus).  Or what the heck—maybe they have overrun the arctic (which would explain while your world’s vikings are always headed south…).  Following the signs of nature, they might also travel farther than one might think, especially since the chill of a winter storm goes with them.

The frozen breath of an adlet is a much sought-after material component—the scent of dead kin that hangs suspended in the frigid air can imbue frost weapons with the power to speak with dead, among other effects.  Getting the breath voluntarily is another story.

Adlets have no fear of cannibalism, so they are typically immune to the effects of the wendigo (shame, self-loathing and horror at one’s sin being part of the metaphysical makeup of the spirit).  When a wendigo begins haunting the mountain-dwelling Switchback Spears, the alarmed shaman sends them to raid human and gnome villages for sacrifices to placate the aerial beast.

Having witnessed the might of the adlets firsthand in the Hoarfrost Campaign, Marquis Casten diAnthes recruits a pack to fight in the Summer Pentad—counting on their sheer power to humble and embarrass his rivals’ gladiators and elevate his own station.  He does not count on the adlets bringing their shaman grand dame with them…or that she would read in the bones that the gods demand the skull of a foreign emperor.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 9

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  1. Hum...Are you forgetting they are not evil but chaotic neutral ?...