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Whenever I really need to get something done, I perform rituals to self-impregnate myself and spawn smaller minions.  Coincidentally, that’s just what neothelids do, too.  And that’s how seugathi are born.

Essentially seugathi are Pathfinder’s mind flayers in most everything but appearance, with a maddening aura and wand-slinging instead of brain eating and mental blasts.  If you can get your hand on old mind flayer adventurers, neothelids will by and large drop right in (with the illithids’ spacefaring and from-the-future-ness adding a nice twist). 

Seugathi’s facility with item triggers means they can be magical powerhouses (and their hoards a bounty to the PCs who can bring them down); their worship Yog-Sothoth and other entities from the Golarion setting’s Dark Tapestry means they are up to no good and need to be stopped.  Of course, doing so will only take PCs farther into the earth, where other horrors wait in the dark—including intellect devourers, urdefhans, and the seugathi’s own neothelid masters.

After devouring the minds of several friars, a seugathi has taken to wielding a magical heavy mace and a clerical scepter instead of a short sword and wand.  The prelate of the friar’s order wants the magic items returned and the beast killed—he reasons that as long as part of the clerics’ minds live on in the seugathi, their souls will not rest.

A seugathi has taken control of the derro settlement of Rotwarren—a fact that discomfits the mad humanoids not a bit.  But the creature is using the derros to breed new and stronger varieties and troglodyte and skum soldiers, with aims toward sending them against the subterranean rose elf city of Quartzheim.

Perhaps the strangest seugathi of all is Wormfinger of Bard’s Rock, a spaceport asteroid above Greenearth.  Following internal commands inscrutable even by the standards of its kin, this seugathi turned up one day at the Lucky Linnorm demanding to become a faro dealer.  Due to its aura of madness, it is only allowed to run the high-stakes table in the Gentlemen’s Lounge, where the patrons are assumed to have either the mental fortitude or the wealth to endure its maddening effects.  For his part, Wormfinger seems peaceful, but canny observers say it seems to be looking for something in the displays of probability and chance in the game, and that it frequents purveyors of forbidden goods used in summoning on its days off.

Into the Darklands 58–59 & Pathfinder Bestiary 2 xx

I’m guessing uwtartarus will be psyched by this post.  Anyone else use seugathi in your games?

Hey, I’m finally working on my mail/comment backlog!  Reader vanadies was less than impressed with the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path:

I don’t have much to add here except that I’ve played through Serpent’s Skull, and the first module was good, but the rest were among the worst things Paizo has published. Skip them.

Care to elaborate?  Anyone else who played them want to weigh in?

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  1. Good call! Seugathi have been, in my experience, a greater replacement for the trademarked/copyright Illithids.

    Brain-eating/mind-absorbing adds an extra level of creepiness with the NPCs (previously encountered before being slain) imprinting on the aberrations and thus showing up posthumously. So good!