Monday, September 17, 2012

Jubjub Bird

Another Lewis Carroll creation.  Another one of the Tane.  Another example of the “Deflect charges of silly with infusion of bad-ass” school of monster design.  If your creature is going to be half dodo, making they other half a dinosaur isn’t a bad idea.  As it’s a member of the Tane, fey adventure hooks are one way to go with the jubjub bird; I’ve tried prehistory and exobiology as well…

A sidhe lord (pronounced “shee,” treat as a male elf bard 14 with the fey creature template who only uses bronze weapons) known as “The Chalumeau,” after the reed instruments he crafts, holds an annual dinner party in a glade in his realm.  The entertainment of this dinner party tends to involve mushrooms with magical effects, tall tales featuring leprechaun thieves, and knife jugglers who sometimes strike participants.  The most notorious feature of this party is the guest of honor: a jubjub bird that storms into the glade, eats one of the guests, shrieks, and wanders off—much to the Chalumeau’s great amusement.

Time- and dimension-traveling adventurers land in a version of their world that never quite was, where terror birds reign supreme.  Moas, diatrymas, and axe beaks are common, but it is the jubjub bird the party most has to fear. The tribes of feral, cannibalistic tengu witches who worship these magical beasts as avatars of destruction don’t help either.

The jungle planet of Dionaea is legendary for its carnivorous plants and its jubjub bird-riding jungle giants.  But in order to raise a sunken city on their home world from the bottom of the ocean, adventurers must first travel to Dionaea and align lenses at three temples, sending a beam of magical force through space to call the cyclopean city to the surface.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 157

I have so many things to say.  And no time to say them in.  In the next few days, yes, things, say them I will, promise.

I will say thanks for your questions.  the-dawn-renewed lobbied for me linking my monsters to the d20pfsrd page.  I’ve gotten that comment before so I really should act on it.  Do people prefer the d20pfsrd or Paizo’s official Roleplaying Game Reference Documents?  Since I like to go official as possible my gut is to point to the latter, but I’m willing to hear other opinions.  Keep asking me stuff!

Also I may be soliciting some dice rolls from you all in the near future.  Keep watching this space.

And look, it’s Saturday's radio show! New Calexico, Passion Pit, Benjamin Gibbard, Raveonettes, Minus the Bear, Field Report, and Taylor Swift. (One of these things is not like the other.)  Might I be so bold as to suggest you download it?

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