Friday, June 29, 2012

Harbinger Archon

After all this time, finally The Daily Bestiary’s first archon!  Archons are the solders of the lawful good Heaven(s) or the equivalent in your campaign—creatures that strive to uphold the ideals of good and order simultaneously for the benefit of all, as well as aiding the weak and inspiring self-improvement.  Of course, sometimes upholding means doing some throwing down…and most archons have the aura of menace, spell-like abilities, and weapons to do so.

With outsiders, it can also be difficult to separate the office from the individual, and this is especially true of archons.  Like a good parish priest or a beat cop on the job—where it can be hard to tell where the stole or badge leave off and the person begins—archons are often known for their trappings: a trumpet, a shield, a star.  In the case of the weaker archons, this is especially true—lantern archons are the lights they shine; harbinger archives are the floating orreries that reflect the heavens.

Harbinger archons are heralds by and large, but sometimes also companions, advisors, and familiars.  When they’re not acting as communing conduits, that advice is mostly proverbs and simple wisdom; harbinger archons are not much more independent in spirit than their gestalt-joining lantern archon cousins.  Still, it’s best to heed their words, and heed them early.  “Harbinger” is in their name for a reason—by the time big-time heralds like the trumpet archons show up, the metaphysical Scheiße has already hit der Deckenlüfter.

An apprentice at the Lower Arcanum has called a harbinger archon familiar years before he should have been able.  Stranger still, the archon’s discs and spheres describe no known set of planets, zodiac signs, or even planar configurations.

A constellation of four harbinger archons, servants of Lumiya, descend on a town formerly beloved by her, only to find her shrine long abandoned and her faithful gone.  Confused, they determine they must guard the shrine until they receive new instructions.  They threaten to use their blades on anyone tainted by evil or chaos who trespasses too near former shrine.  Given that said shrine is now a gambling hall and a den of spice addicts, blood may be spilled soon despite the archons’ clumsy best efforts.

Comet of the Stag’s Crossing is named for the celestial event her physical body tracks. She eagerly communes for the needy in order to aid and evangelize.  But during her last session, her voice came out harsh and grating during the last two answers, as if the message had been hijacked by a third party.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 18

Should it be den Deckenlüfter?  Because the fan, being the thing hit, is a direct object, and thus in the accusative case?  Help me out, people.

Oh, and today marks 100 Tumblr posts and almost 300 Blogspot posts.  Go us!

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