Monday, June 4, 2012

Greater Shadow & Shadow

I’m not sure which is scarier—energy draining or strength damage.  Certainly energy draining can erase months of role-playing, but at least there’s a save.  Strength damage, especially from a gang or swarm of shadows, just seems to happen so fast…and vs. a fly speed of 40 ft. running away may not even be possible.  All of which makes shadows terrifying in numbers and greater shadows terrifying, period.

A tapestry in an abandoned great hall features dark empty silhouettes at play in an otherwise richly detailed scene.  Anyone who lingers in the hall will be attacked by these silhouettes—actually shadows—that use their Strength-damaging attacks to “invite” visitors to join them in their tapestry home.

A well is haunted by shadows.  The quickest way to escape them is to rappel down to the bottom of the shaft.  The well is fed there by an underground stream, which will carry the climbers to safety…provided they can swim in their armor.

The necromancer Shrouded Hand used a grisly rite to surgically attach a greater shadow to his own.  He must feed one sentient creature per week to his dark double, or else it will begin sapping his Strength instead.

Pathfinder Bestiary 245

In “basic” D&D, shadows weren’t undead, just monsters—a nasty twist to throw at divinely overstocked parties.

This Saturday's show said, among other things, "Good Morning Tucson." Perhaps it will add to your good morning, afternoon, or whatever, wherever you are.

(Music starts just over three minutes into the file.  The feed can skip, so let load in Firefox or Chrome, Save As an mp3, and enjoy in iTunes.  Link good until Friday, 6/8, at midnight.)

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