Monday, February 22, 2016

Chicken, Flying Fox & Penguin

Once more we go back to the familiar well, this time drawing up a truly fearsome bucketful of critters from the Familiar Folio and Bestiary 5.  Chickens are good companions for witches, hedge wizards, and other stay-at-home-type spellcasters.  Spellcasters living under antimagical regimes also sometimes rely on chickens—no one questions the presence of a chicken coop.  Flying foxes are friendly frugivores that grant their Fortitude to their masters.  And penguins are comical on land but a boon to the seagoing mage.

All forms of arcane magic are forbidden in Astapolis, save for the tightly regulated (and closely watched) guild mages.  Naturally, rogue mages sometimes band together for protection in small secret societies.  The Greater Astapolitan Poultry Fanciers & Breeders Association is a cover for one such group of mages.  They wryly refer to themselves as the Lesser Astapolitans, and their exotic-looking prize hens and bantams are actually valued familiars.

A blight is racing through the Diskari Jungle, a strange fungus that fells mahogany trees, goats, chimeras, and men alike.  The Green Mage Obedian the Younger seeks aid in stopping the disease…but as he blames Outlander sailors for the blight, he and his flying fox Asijj may first encounter Outlander adventurers as enemies rather than friends.

Adventurers have wrecked against a rocky beach in the Antipodean Reach.  They are greeted by a marching colony of penguins…with fiery embers for eyes…which turn out to be zombie penguins, actually.  And that’s just the start of a very bad day.

Familiar Folio 24–27 & Bestiary 5 112–113

All I know is the flying foxes I saw in Australia were size Small, not Tiny.  Those things were huge.

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  1. The flying foxes basically own part of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. Seriously, there's a part that's literally roped off and covered in signs that say things like "Flying foxes sleep here - do not enter for any reason".