Tuesday, March 17, 2015


As much as I would love to write about a mythic tree monster named after a Saxon pagan symbol and containing a portal to another plane, it’s just not going to be in the cards.

Today the strap on my laptop broke, sending it clunking to the concrete floor of a parking garage and killing the display.

(I’d be kicking myself more—I noticed the strap was loose last night but didn’t do any serious surgery on it, so it’s my fault—but it was 5.25 years old, which is more than 131 in Mac years, and had already survived another such fall and a hard drive failure already (not to mention having an entire beer poured into it when it was only three months old).)

So I’m going to be on a reduced blogging schedule for about two weeks or so until my new Mac arrives.  Even when I do get to write these entries during downtime at work (which is always the goal), all the proofreading/hyperlinking/posting usually happens at home.  With a loved one in the hospital and an overweight body demanding gym time, more hours spent at work just aren’t an option.

Thanks for your patience, please enjoy the archive, and please, please reblog and share old entries to your heart’s content.  You’re how this blog grows. 

(Good places to start include this entry, which is as close to an FAQ as I have, this entry, where I talk about some of my favorite 3.5 books, this entry, the start of my clockwork world of Cognomon, and this entry, because Cthulhu.  And then there’s always this.  (If the feed skips, Save As an mp3.))

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  1. Breaking my radio silence to (appropriately enough) pimp my radio show. (Also it’s my birthday!)

    Speaking of said radio silence: Busted computer? Radio station with only one working CD player? Half my favorite CDs are scratched? I have to DJ almost my entire show over an iPhone in airplane mode? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

    (Link good till Friday, March 27, at midnight. If the feed skips, let the file load and then Save As an mp3. and enjoy in iTunes.)