Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Comozant Wyrd

The comozant wyrd is basically living St. Elmo’s fire—a Small elemental of air and lightning (actually a plasma elemental, if you really want to get technical about it) that can appear on ships’ masts, chimneys, and other structures—even spear tips and horns!  In fact, that’s one of the odder things about comozant wyrds—they’re tethered (in the Material Plane at least) to objects in a way few other creatures of Air are. 

The wyrds can communicate through an elusive combination of empathy and imagery (that might serve as a free divination), or they can communicate via a lightning lash (worth 2d8 damage).

That’s basically all the Bestiary 4 says.  Pathfinder Adventure Path #57: Tempest Rising goes into way more detail about their inquisitive natures and strange method of communication.  All in all, they’re a great way to add a little confusion to a pirate duel (maybe a plausible way to save the party from a TPK perhaps?), supply a little information if PCs are stuck, or just make the next random encounter in bad weather a little more interesting. 

Just don't lie to them—they don't like that, and it’s not wise to anger living plasma.

During a lightning storm, a comozant wyrd appears among the spires and chimneys of Ilvez.  As it gambols along the rooftops, it disturbs the nesting storks, Ilvez’s very territorial pseudodragons, and a gang of tooth fairies—all of which make the lives of some adventurers involved in a third-story manor heist much more difficult.

A dead alchemist’s lab contains a strange machine that glows and sparks and seems to contain living lightning in a globe.  The “lightning” is actually a comozant wyrd who found itself attracted by the crude machine during a storm and then got stuck in the electrical field.  The wyrd views the machine as a prison, and how it reacts to an adventuring party depends on whether their actions cause them to appear as would-be liberators or jailers.

A ship is drawn through a whirlpool into the Plane of Air.  A delighted comozant wyrd takes shape on the figurehead.  It pays no attention to human crewmen, but is particularly fascinated with any half-humans and members of the more animalistic races (like lizardfolk or tengus) present.  Perhaps because of its fascination with crossbreeds, it insists on leading the ship to a settlement of sylphs, motivating the crew with visions or the lightning lash as needed.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #57 82–83 & Pathfinder Bestiary 4 40

And then there’s this St.Elmo’s Fire.  The damage is 3d6 Wisdom drain if you’re under 45, 4d6 Charisma drain if you’re over.  If you’re exactly 45, the damage stacks.

(I shouldn't make jokes like that, or else someone is going to nail me pretty hard for PCU and Clerks in a decade or so.)

Friends in the news!  Occasional bar friend Lauren Shusterich’s new band popped up on All Songs Considered yesterday.  And invaluable college friend* Mike Veloso has been hard at work on Fantasia: Music Evolved and just dropped this Lorde remix on Facebook today.

*Defined as a friend who stays up late enough to listen to your freshman 3–5 a.m. radio show.

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