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Shere Khan.  That’s the weretiger in a nutshell.  Smug, dominating, and evil.  Willing to toy with intelligent prey, but only to a point, and always alert for threats.  And while other shapeshifters in their home regions may have more natural power, weretigers lack the sybaritic vices that tend to trip up rakshasas and oni.  A weretiger is born to lead, and once he attains that lofty perch he doesn’t intend to lose it be being sloppy.

Also—I don't know that this would ever come up in an adventure that wasn’t heavily lycanthrope-themed, but it intrigues me nonetheless—I'd be interested to see how weretigers and werewolves manage when they share turf.  I imagine it would be a constant power struggle: feline vs. canine, the stronger but solitary stalker vs. the weaker but pack-protected hunter.  I imagine both sides would constantly strive to earn class levels and magic items to stay ahead of their rivals…

The Safari Lodge is both a social club and a private museum, featuring artful dioramas that display Lodge members’ stuffed kills to best effect.  The president and curator, Baron Villenz, is actually a weretiger who occasionally uses the Lodge as a discreet place to dispose of his rivals.  His favorite technique is to pose as a stuffed tiger, then take his foes by surprise, stalking them through the Lodge’s twisting exhibit halls.

Drow revile lycanthropy as a corruption of elven blood...with the exception of weretigers, whose grace, beauty, and deadliness flatter the drow ego.  Typically appearing as black panthers with blue or purple stripes, these weretigers range farther afield than most drow and are often found near the surface.

A wayang puppeteer is the only person left alive who knows the entire Isandrine Cycle, the final stanzas of which reveal where the Bowl of the Monsoon is buried.  Unfortunately, he also knows the full lyrics to The Weretiger, the Nagaji & the Ass, a bawdy tune that humiliated a weretiger mayor out of office.  Just as adventures track the wayang down, his traveling stage is attacked by the enraged lycanthrope.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 183

Back in “basic” D&D, weretigers could paralyze enemies with a magic roar—a good special ability option should you choose to advance your weretigers with Hit Dice rather than class levels.

Blood of the Moon features weretiger-kin known as fanglords. 

(I also should have mentioned yesterday that BotM features wereshark-kin known as seascarred.  And it portrays weresharks as somewhat more tyrannical than the Bestiary 4 characterization.)

Still need to get to your awesome reader comments, but ended up snagging tickets to Red Sox/O’s game at the last minute, so I’m running late tonight and had best post this before the clock strikes midnight.

New video!  Hard to believe it’s been 10 years this month since I first saw these guys play a show.

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