Friday, April 26, 2013


Give pretty much anything a vulture’s head and it becomes awesome.  Nagpa?  Awesome.  Vrock?  Awesome.  Skeksis?  Muppet awesome! 

So how about CR 18 12-foot-tall vulture-headed daemonic Deacons of War that create and store magical weapons by stabbing them into their own bodies?!? 

Pardon me, I think I just had a goregasm.

Oh, wait, before I go—purrodaemons are war incarnate.  That means against most adversaries they revel in bloodlust and slaughter, often breaking agreements and switching sides to cause more carnage.  But when fighting in their own interests, they are canny and ruthless.  Once a purrodaemon suspects a party is a true threat, its next attack against them will always be a feint (often through the use of minions while the daemon observes in secret), so that at subsequent encounters it will have a properly enchanted blade ready to carve through the party’s defenses.

The Glaive of the Denier is a weapon of great power.  It is also currently sheathed between the shoulder blades of the purrodaemon Camulus, who is busy storming the celestial storm giant ice castle of Helm.

A party of adventurers brings back intelligence that ensures the Banner of the Lion a decisive victory.  But in their absence, Lord Lionheart turned to bargaining with purrodaemon mercenaries.  Preferring the carnage not to end, the purrodaemons turn on Lord Lionheart in the middle of his next council of war—unless the very same adventurers can stop them.

The War College at Ashfall is carved into the side of an extinct volcano, overlooking the rusting-weapon-strewn Fields of Ruin.  Warlords from all across the Planes come to train here, learning stratagems and feats that can be found nowhere else.  But the price is high.  For every three months one stays at the school, one’s alignment shifts one step closer to neutral evil, and the graduation requirement is always the same—to survive seven rounds against one of the purrodaemon masters.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 73

Why is this post late?  Because I was hanging out in this guy’s living room with these guys.  Who are all going to be here tomorrow (which, by the time this is posted, will be practically today).

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