Friday, December 28, 2012

Mithral Golem

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Mithral is rare and prized—not so much as adamantine and some other starmetals, but certainly as useful, precious stuff that can command a king’s ransom.  Making a golem out of one is thus a costly endeavor when the same amount of metal could enchant several suits of armor.  So it is only done with good reason—often when time (or Time) is literally of the essence.

A mithral golem was damaged (to within a single hit point) by a powerful cold effect.  Trapped in its brittle and scarred humanoid form, it moans (or at least expels gasses) softly, dimly trying to gather up and melt into itself to heal.

A mithral golem has gone berserk, the elemental forces within it raging that so much of the precious metal and the element of Time was misused in its construction.  Its ability to melt into liquid has it rampaging through a dwarven smelter level by level, beheading all those it finds in even the most secure panic rooms.

Adventurers find themselves serving as the game pieces for an interplanar game of chess, facing off against ranks of constructs.  Due to their ability to move and make a full attack, mithral golems operate as knight pieces.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 139

I don’t love the mithral golem illustration in the Bestiary 2, but it certainly does look speedy…

And as for the fluid form ability…“Have you seen this boy?”

If none of the above makes sense, keep in mind that I am an American attempting to function on UK time.  It is 9-something PM here and I got maybe an hour’s sleep on the plane.  Attempting to rest without the aid of Benedryl was a mistake.

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