Thursday, March 21, 2013


Most aeons are focused on big-picture concepts: birth, death, time, creation, destruction, etc.  Paracletuses take much more of an interest in human-sized concepts—especially emotion, logic, and the interplay between the two—and, fortunately, their power is also several orders of magnitude weaker.

The following adventure seeds use paracletuses in three ways: as comic relief, as one-off adversaries, and as an early foreshadowing that the campaign will tackle bigger themes.

An adventuring party’s charismatic barbarian (and his rages) attracts the attention of an emotion-studying paracletus.  The barbarian is delighted to have his own “familiar”…at least at first, while the emotions the paracletus broadcasts are still positive.

A pair of paracletuses finds a derro’s investigation into the nature of pain (and the attending emotional responses it engenders) complements their own.  Should adventurers interrupt his research, the aeons will defend him in order that their research project not be interrupted.

More and more samsarans are attracting the scrutiny of paracletuses—many serving as familiars, others observing less obtrusively (or more, depending on the aeon).  They seem to be interested in how the cycle of reincarnation affects the reasoning and hearts of these serene humanoids.  More ominously, some of these paracletuses are also interested in seeing what happens when samsarans fail—in their clerical duties, in their oaths as paladins and samurai, or even when they jeopardize their place on the cycle of reincarnation itself.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 11

I don’t have a lot of time to explore other folk’s gaming blogs, but a little Googling turned up this encounter seed on what looks to be a very accomplished blog.


  1. Something I was wondering, why don't you do any WotC/TSR monsters on this blog Mr. Patch? Is it for copyright reasons? Because you're more into Pathfidner now?

    Despite what you think of 4e, there's a lot of great new monsters in it, like Banderhobbs, Arcanians, Apocalypse Spells, Dreabreath Dracoliches, Flesh Cults, Offalians, Unrisen and more!

    1. Hey A.A.! Thanks for writing. I wrote a big answer to this on Monday; check out the Pech entry if you haven't already.