Monday, December 5, 2011

Dire Ape & Gorilla

Apes and gorillas are separated from humans by an uncanny valley.  Crossing the divide may involve blood.

The palace of a rakshasa noble, slain six months past by janissary paladins, is regarded as taboo by the locals.  His zoo was the pride of the estate, and its many gorillas have grown feral now that no one comes to feed them.

The thermal springs of Shigoku are known for the snow monkeys who take the waters there.  Visitors to the springs are advised to keep their distance from the troops, for powerful guardian spirits protect the monkeys.  In truth, they are actually guarded by great white dire apes that seem to regard the monkeys as kin but react violently to humans, especially those wearing metal.

A prison breakout is sparked by an unexpected source—an orangutan (a gorilla with the young simple template) that comes to the rescue of his recently incarcerated rogue owner.

Pathfinder Bestiary 17


  1. I formulated my alphabetical strategy based on Bestiary Tables of Contents, rather than on page layout, as a way to force me to cover every monster without making myself a slave of the books. In particular, that meant avoiding the monotony of the letter D—week after week of daemons, demons, devils, and dragons. It did however, mean that I would still have to suffer through sections like “Dark,” “Giant,” “Were-”, and of course, “Dire,” which I start today. Oh joy.

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